Strategic Plan

Beaver County Chamber of Commerce

Strategic Plan

2017 – 2018

Since its inception in 1972, the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce’s influence has been a vital and successful part of the Beaver County business community. To ensure a secure and sustainable economic future however, the Chamber has developed a new strategic plan that will address current and future initiatives, goals and partnerships.

Beaver County’s rich history of hard-working friendly people, locally-owned small businesses, and large industries remains inherent in its culture of community and home. The ten river towns of the County have long provided the heart of the community as home to Beaver County’s central business districts. Riverfront development has occurred in conjunction with Brownfields development of the many industrial sites, and new shopping centers have cropped up in various locations close to major roadways. Beaver County’s close proximity to the Pittsburgh International Airport and the City of Pittsburgh provide the County’s residents with ease to fly anywhere in the world or visit downtown Pittsburgh’s cultural center within a 45 minute drive. The motto of “Divided by its Rivers, and United by its People” could not be a more true declaration for Beaver County.

VISION: That Beaver County is a premier place to live and work in the region and beyond.

MISSION: To prepare, develop and promote the community for economic growth.


  •  Strategic – Thinking long term for the best interests of the organization and members.
  •  Innovative – Applying creative approaches to challenges.
  •  Collaborative – Working with others to create effective partnerships.
  •  Transparent – Promoting openness and access to information.
  •  Diverse – Respecting all members and valuing different experiences and backgrounds.

The primary objective of the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce is to support the growth and improvement of our local economy.


Objective 1: Be a vital resource to the business community.

  • Initiative 1: Continue to further develop the Chamber’s website and use of all social media regarding business related resources and connections.
  • Initiative 2: Develop additional partnerships with organizations and entities that can offer assistance and benefits to the business community.

Objective 2: Strengthen the Chamber through increased memberships and member retention by being an advocate for member businesses and strengthening member benefits.

  • Initiative 1: Develop a prospective membership plan for attracting new members via understanding their needs and values, from young professionals to retirees.
  • Initiative 2: Continue to evaluate and benchmark the feasibility of offering new membership programs.
  • Initiative 3: Enhance the Member 2 Member Discount program and encourage members to utilize other member’s goods and services.

Objective 3: Allow for organizational transparency.

  • Initiative 1: Develop an Annual Report and communicate such on Chamber’s website and via other communication methods.
  • Initiative 2: Provide pertinent organizational information at the Chamber’s annual member meeting.


Objective 1: Support the mission and goals of economic development partners, including The Beaver County Partnership, The Beaver County Corporation for Economic Development, the Redevelopment Authority of Beaver County, the Beaver County Board of Commissioners, and others.

  • Initiative 1: Utilize and cultivate existing partnerships, and engage in new partnerships, that improve and enhance economic and community growth.
  • Initiative 2: Further develop resources for business expansion, relocation and start-up via website or other marketing materials.
  • Initiative 3: Ensure the Marketing Committee is properly resourced and aligned with supporting economic growth.


Objective 1: Pursue enhanced educational opportunities.

  • Initiative 1: Focus on current and emerging high-priority workforce needs, including STEM and STEAM education.
  • Initiative 2: Develop pathways from K-12 through post-secondary education by partnering with school districts, colleges, universities, and businesses, industries and trade organizations.
  • Initiative 3: Support funding strategies to design, implement and grow programs that enhance workforce development needs.
  • Initiative 4: Support increased coordination and cooperation among school districts to promote better efficiency, enhanced learning opportunity, career preparation and employability in the workplace.

Objective 2: Maximize the effectiveness of government to accelerate business growth.

  • Initiative 1: Conduct regular meetings and open communication with federal, state and local officials who represent or impact Beaver County and the region.
  • Initiative 2: Advocate ways to bring the efficient consolidation and effective delivery of government services.
  • Initiative 3: Suggest ways for streamlining the regulatory and permitting processes to accelerate new business growth and expansion.

Objective 3: Support public investment, legislation and policies that create and improve the necessary infrastructure to grow the economy, including roads, bridges, waterways, utilities, and transit systems.


Objective 1: Strengthen the Board of Directors.

  • Initiative 1: Utilize the Board Development Committee, and skills/experience matrix, to identify and recommend ideal and complimentary new Board members.
  • Initiative 2: Continue to update and utilize the Board Policy Manual and provide new Board member orientation.

Objective 2: Encourage staff development and succession planning capabilities.

  • Initiative 1: Provide training and professional development learning opportunities.
  • Initiative 2: Provide semi-annual performance and 360 degree reviews.