Benefits & Testimonials

Upon joining the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce, you will receive the following:

  • 10 FREE advertisements on both local radio stations WBVP & WMBA ($300 value!)
  • Your company’s name on the chamber homepage ( for an entire month
  • A listing in the Chamber’s online directory
  • An invitation to the exclusive New Member “Welcome” Breakfast
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group for members!


Chamber Member Testimonials:

“NOVA has been an active member of the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce (BCCC) since 1977 ‘because we believe in active community leadership and investing in the future of the communities where we operate. The BCCC provides NOVA the opportunity to meet regularly with legislators, business, community and education leaders to raise our praise and concerns on issues important to sustaining our business in Beaver County.  NOVA Chemicals is focused on plastics and chemicals that make everyday life safer, healthier and easier.  NOVA and our predecessor companies have continuously operated the Potter Township manufacturing site since 1942 when the site was built by the US government as a synthetic rubber plant. Today we are one of North America’s leading producers of expandable polystyrene resin used in energy efficient insulation for buildings, protective packaging, and servicing the global foam cup and container marketplace.’ ”
NOVA Chemicals
Member since 1977


“Our membership in the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce has been positive and profitable, professionally and personally. They clearly understand that, while connecting local businesses is important, the key to stimulating the area’s economy is to connect the people who build those businesses. This is evidenced by the way that they structure their networking events, which I always enjoy.

Besides being fun, these gatherings attract a seemingly endless infusion of talented, like-minded professionals who have great visions for the region’s future, and are committed to turning them into reality. This makes it very easy to adhere to my policy of doing as much business as possible with Chamber members; and it’s even more rewarding when the business relationships blossom into friendships, as often happens. I also like that the Chamber consistently honors and recognizes outstanding business people in their accomplishments and contributions to the community.

On top of everything, I love having access to ChamberChoice, which helps to provide great health benefits to our employees. To me, their offering of these packages, along with everything else that they do for area businesses, shows that they’re genuinely invested – and confident – in the future of Beaver County.”
Debi Leopardi
Ambridge Regional Distribution & Manufacturing Center
“The chamber has enabled me to make some great connections and new friends. I’ve picked up leads and useful sales tips from attending the Breakfast Club. And the chamber staff is awesome! They’re always friendly and ready to help.”
Stacey P. Sullivan
Principal Financial Group


Marketing Tools

Email Blasts (E-grams)

  • An electronic email blast that goes out to over 1,000 contacts
  • Pick a date & purchase an E-Gram today!
  • Content must be copy-ready (Format: 8-1/2″ x 11″ .Jpeg)
  • Pricing: $60 each, 2 for $50 each, 3 for $40 each
  • Call the Chamber office at 724-775-3944 for availability.

Radio advertising

  • New members receive 10 free ads on WBVP & 10 free ads on WMBA — this is a $300.00 value!
  • Call Mark Peterson at 724-846-4100 to set up your commercials!

Website advertising

  • $75 per month
  • Send your image and the link that you want the image/logo to direct people to when they click on it, to
  • For website advertising, the image/logo must be 212px by 118px

M2M Benefits

  • Opens your business to more potential clients and customers.
  • Helps you market to Chamber members and their employees.
  • Offers free advertising for your organization.
  • Creates a loyal customer base within your Chamber peer network.
  • Affordable for everyone – listings are FREE!
  • Contact Kaitlyn Poleti at to learn more.

Small Business Counseling

  • Once a month, the Small Business Development Center from Duquesne University is in the Chamber office to give a workshop. To register please visit
  • After the workshop, you can sit down with the facilitator one-on-one and go over any questions you may have that relate to your business.
  • Come learn about marketing, starting a business, finding grants, making a business plan or marketing plan.

Health Care Coverage

  • The Beaver County Chamber of Commerce is committed to assisting our members with issues facing local businesses.   We understand that providing health care coverage is a critical concern for all. Please feel free to contact chamber members who provide health care insurance. A complete listing can be found under ” Insurance Agencies / Insurance Brokers” in our membership directory on our website  or call our office at (724) 775-3944.

Business Insurance

  • For more information about this opportunity, please call the chamber office at 724-775-3944.

Sponsorships & Networking