Mission & Current Initiatives

Consistent with the Chamber’s Strategic Plan and mission to advance the economic, cultural and civic prosperity of the region, a new economic development Taskforce has been formed in 2012. The goal of the Taskforce is to become the leading organization for promoting and performing economic development initiatives in Beaver County. We aim to work cooperatively with all segments of manufacturing, healthcare, non-profit service providers, governmental agencies and education to help make our surrounding area a location of choice for business growth and development.
We plan to aggressively market the great strengths Beaver County has to offer while working to eliminate the barriers and obstacles that are not only preventing growth of major employers to the county, but also the development of new small- and medium-sized business as well as greater entrepreneurship in retail, technology and education.


The mission of the Economic Development Committee is to support the Chamber’s Strategic Plan and vision  of ensuring and fostering sustainable economic prosperity for Beaver County and the surrounding region.

Economic Development Taskforce Initiatives for 2015:


Item 1.    Promote drug-free workforce and educate public & engage employers

Item 2.    Supports the continued development & enhancement of quality educational opportunities for students & employees.* 

Item 3.    Support STEM Training & Primary (K-12) Education Initiatives*

Item 4.    “Connect the dots between education & business” to promote all career opportunities within the Energy & Advanced Manufacturing industries, specifically through the efforts of the Beaver County Energy & Advanced Manufacturing Partnership.



Item 1.   Advocate for changes to UCC with Harrisburg *
A)    Form Taskforce to model code legislation for Traditional Downtowns

Item 2.   Advocate for local small business tax incentives, abatements *    

Item 3.   Advocate for brownfield redevelopment & KOZ/KOEZ initiatives *

Item 4. Advocate for streamlining the regulatory and permitting processes to accelerate the creation of new  businesses and the growth of existing businesses, including business tax rates.*



Item 1.    Research & Advocate all methods for small business to obtain funding.

Item 2.    Provide tools & education from lending organizations to small business for loan process

Item 3.    Partner with Private and Governmental economic development lending institutions
A)     Organize seminars for small business cash flow & capital management



Item 1.    Support sustainable development & green infrastructure projects
A)    The Ohio River Trail

Item 2.    Support the development of a Beaver County Convention Center & Class A Business Space*                                             

Item 3.    Supports public investment, legislation and policies that will create and improve the infrastructure necessary to grow the economy:
A)     Support Implementation PA Transportation (Act 89) Bridges / Crows Run Projects
B)     Advocate for Federal Transportation Funding (Highways / Locks Dams / Bridges)*

Item 4.    Connect with the PA & Regional Agencies on electric power generation issues



Item 1.   Support state & county efforts to locate Shell Ethane Cracker in Potter Twp.

Item 2.   Develop partnerships to promote county-wide business development marketing materials

Item 3.   Partner on the development of a Virtual Office Entity to guide businesses on how to do business in Beaver County

Item 4.   Advocate for small business entrepreneurial development / incubator resources                          


* Partnering with government Affairs Committee